Thursday, 4 August 2011

Well its been a little while.... LOL

Sorry you havent heard from me in a little while.... again...

We are about to move house! success in finding a new place to live! speciall now immy is 7months old.. she is moving about in her walker freely and we deffinatly need more space!

As for that song list, its too long to even start typing, ive found 345 songs that sound the same as others, it frustated me so much i got cross and didnt continue... but there are loads of songs that fir into that catagory....

I dont really know what else to say today... its just been.. one of those months... well more then a month as it sbenn that long since i last wrote on here :P

trying to organise my 2nd cousins to come up for a week to meet my little one, last time they saw me i had only just found out that i was preggers, so they didnt know anything about it untill alot later on...

oh the joys of ironing... LOL

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Songs.. that sound the same as.. other songs...

Its been a few weeks or days or so since i last decided to post a bit on here, been so busy with my daughter, and my other half has got a week off work so been making the most of him while hes been off work.

Just a little update on the diet thing... going well slowly... although struggling to eat decently with imogen around hehehe.

So... my point of writing a blog this fine evening. Songs... that sound like.. other songs...

Now this bugs me somthing rotten. i hear a song, think oh yes this is ni... oh its just like... and that annoys me. why cant artists write thier own music, instead of stealing someone elses music and changing it by slowing it down and changing the lyric or speeding it up...

there are quite a few around at the moment...

lady gaga's born this way sounds alot like bon jovi bad medicine...

olly murs has two songs that bug me..

thinking of me sounds like if its good enough for you its good enough for me..

and his most recent one busy sounds like james blunts stay the night...

alexandra burkes the silence is the spice girls viva foreva slowed down more..

pink's  perfect to me sounds like abba's one of us....

i have a list somewhere.. i shall inform you of all the songs i have soon :)

but let me know what you think, if you can here it too...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Diet,,,,Shambles.

So, trying to shift the baby weight after having my bubba girl. Currently going to weight watchers.

First week, lost 1/2 lb. Great start. Aint all the good things and ate lots of fruit.

Second week.... SHAMBLES. gained 4lbs!!!!! urgh... what did i do wrong? apart from
perhaps a few packets of crisps, a few chinese takeaways, a curry, burgerking and a mcdonalds or two? and maybe some melted chocolate fondue and nachos... hmm. after all i am only human am i not? LOL.

Just goes to show that sometimes if you put in the effort it works... and you cant just indulge if you have a craving.. although.. a little indulgence is good for the soul... =D

So, today ive been really good, lots of fruit and veggies, been and bought lots of pasta's and saladddd. had salad for tea...

but only cos i had a large lunch..

mm fish n chips...

was nice XD

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Raindrops are a beautiful thing....

Well, the past few days have been some of the worst between me and my other half Christopher. Lots of arguements and lots of tears, also lots of make-up kisses and cuddles.

He should be working today, he has two jobs. One is at Blue Keld mineral water, the other is at the driffield skatepark, skatopia. Today he should be there, but due to the rain, he cannot, so he's coming home tomplay with his daughter and maybe even cook tea for a change, which would be nice =) but we shall see about that.

He bought me a brand spanking new bike the other day, nobody has ever done anything like that for me. If he wasnt commited to this relationship, he wouldnt have spent £250 on me... but as he has, I so think he is sticking around, which makes me smile =)

So, I do love it when it rains, it means me and my little family can spend more time together. Rain makes one beautiful thing happen.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Flower Bucket

So... just before I fell pregnant, I was studying Floristry. I Loved it. Actually LOVED it. It sort of, mixed my creative juices together in a jug then watched them flow into each mug, each mug being each project i did...

Here are some of the things I did...

Infomation - Imogen

This is Infomation - Imogen...
Due- Christmas Day
Born: 27/12/2010
Pregnancy: 40wks + 2days
Labour: 15hrs 45mins,
Pain relief: Gas and Air, Pethdine, Epidural, (then morphine in c-section)
Birth weight: 7lb 3oz

Ive the whole story here... So...

Monday, spent the day round at Christophers grandparents, seeing all the family and exchanging christmas prezzies. Everyone kept on asking me whether I had any signs and I kept saying "no no, nothing and i doubt i will have bumpy anytime soon" but still they kept on asking.
At the end of the evening, we were discussing the fact christopher was going to the pub to get drunk with future godfather terry. Chris's brother in-law, Andrew Drewery said to me before they got ready to leave, "you watch, it will come tonight while chris is out in town" i then said "no and i highly doubt it, but if anything happens i we have our back up driver, Leanne, Chris's sister in-law" who might i add wasnt very well and was planning an early night, so i really didnt want to be dragging her out of bed when she was feeling so rough. Anyway, as the evening progressed, Terry arrived and we all sat and watched the Top Gear Special (which was FAB) and I had a little back ache, but put it down to sitting funny on the sofa. Top gear ended and off Chris and Terry went into the night.

I was on facebook for a little while, wishing that bumpy would make an appearance sometime soon, but little did i know what was just a few hours away.
Randomly, Steve Waites started talking to me via facbook chat, asking if bumpy had arrived yet and how i am, and Steve was telling me, that bumpy could well come tonight, and there was no reason why she shouldnt arrive, infact he said "We shall see" as if he knew something that i didnt. I Believe in 6th senses, but this time i thought he was really wrong. Turns out, he was right. Shortly after coming off of facebook, i laid on the sofa with the tin of roses, with a blanket, and watched a few episodes of sugar rush, before i felt myself falling asleep and i had back pain that was coming and going but it was nothing major. It was around 11.30pm when i got into bed and fell asleep.

1am. Woke up, coming and going pains in tummy, and some back pain that seemed alot lower then its ever been before. Thought nothing of it, got up to go to toilet and gush. There went my waters right there and then, along with my show.
Crying and paniking, Christopher still not home, i quickly ran to the phone and rang him.
It went something like this..
"Hello..?" boom boom boom boom boom of the beat of Hooters in the background...
"Erm Baby.. My waters have gone.. i think its time.." Boom booom boom
"Shit right im coming home now..Love you bye"
Chris then ran from the otherside of town all the way home. a journey that would usually take 20mins only took him 5. Before he arrived, i rang the hospital and told them, and they asked me to come right in, i had also rang Leanne, who was still feeling quite rough and woke her and Chris's brother up. Leanne arrived shortly after Chris did, and we started to get ready to go. I was timing my contractions on a timer i got on my Ipod, and they were very mild, lasting only 30seconds every 5/6 mins. So when we got it all together, we set off to scarborough.

When we got there at 3am (roads were seriosly bad on the way there), I was still having my contractions slowly getting closer together, and my first midwife of the evening was russian called Tanya. She stuck me on a moniter and asked me to describe my waters, then she got me a birthing ball and looked at my notes, and she told me there and then i couldnt have my waterbirth as even though they have no record of my group b strep infection, they are not taking the risk, so i was very upset about this. My contractions were not regular, they just kept coming and going whever they pleased and they were deffinatly getting stronger and i was only 2cm dialated. When we were told we wernt going to be going home that night to relax and help with the labour, Leanne left and went to go get some sleep. After she left, Tanya put in my Cannula IV drip, with one antibiotic and another drug to help bring on my labour and make my contractions regular and stronger, and when it started working, the pain had got quite bad so she stuck me on gas and air.

8am Midwife shift change and i got a chiniese lady called Ann and she was really nice. she examined me and i was 3/4cm dialated, and i was already in serious pain and the gas and air was really working anymore. they increased my drip and then labour really did start to get going. Ann examined me yet again and i was 7/8cm dialted but it felt asthough i needed to push, but i was in so so much pain, ann reccomended a epidural, i am so scared of needles thoguh and i refused it instantly, but she said would you consider pethadyne, and i said ok as its only a quick shot in the bum lol.
When they cam to give me the jab, and indian doctor came in and she helped me alot breathing through the contraction (she was so so good with me, holding my hand reasurring me all the time) and she rolled me over and kept me talking to distract me from the pethadyne going in.

Something then changed within the labour, i wasnt in as much pain as i was, but the pressure was really building down below, and it was more that then the contractions giving me the pain. At this point, Ann sais she really didnt like seeing me inso much pain and crying so much, and she got the matron to come in and look at me, she said, i ought to have an epidural, (and as i was in so much pain and screaming at them to get bumpy out) seeing me like that was upsetting chris and upsetting them. So with that, the matron appeared with the aneathnatist and i was really paniky, the matron had to be really really firm with me, and her and Chris ended up having to hold me still as i cried and cried out loud.
Finally though, it was in and the pain was waring off.

But something changed, pressure was really really building, and even though i was ready to push the Ann the midwife could tell that something was wrong. She quickly examined me, and i was fully dialted and ready to go, so i started to push with every contraction. The head was moving down nicely untill it got to the bend. Bumpy had moved.
Ann went to go get the consultant, and he came in and did a eltrasound. Bumpy had got stuck. Bumpys body was now laying diagonally (oblique) but its head had already started to move down.
At this point, I had no choice, bumpys heart rate was getting low and they had to get it out. So i signed the form and off i went down for an emergency c-section. Chris rushed down to see bumpy being born but he missed it because they had to do it that quickly.

Baby Imogen Sansome <3 Had to spend a little time in special baby unit at she wasnt breathing to well but as soon as i heard her crying i was in floods of tears and Chris was welling up too <3

Now she is the cutest little thing in the world & we love her so so much :')

Baby Imogen :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Through The Junk I Found Some Sunshine...

I found this while going through some old bits and bobs. Makes me smile on the inside when I read it.

Here is a letter from Christopher, when we split up for a little bit and I was seeing another girl...

To my lovely Sarah,

Righteo, here I go. As you know I am not that good at opening my heart but stuff it. I best try and have a go some time lol
Im sorry im confusing you even more by writing this but I really feel the need to, id be daft not to. Im sorry I broke up with you and can’t describe how much of a colossus tit I feel, I know I was a grumpy bum at the time but I should of really seen past all that misery and focused on the good things(or thing) which was you, if I wasn’t such a stubborn twat I would of seen that you were the best thing to cheer me up. Im sorry. I know I cant make it any better for you because im such a useless git that I cant lol
Anywho might as well start another paragraph of nonsense that going to make you even more confused J
I remember falling in love with you(believe it or not) it was that night we went to flamborough lighthouse for the first time, and I remember saying to myself god I like this girl, and then I remember clearing my head and think no actually I love this girl. I know this sounds gay, well it probs doesn’t but this is the first time iv really expressed myself like this. I know this was early on in our relationship but iv never really been one for showing my feelings sooooooo there you go.
My life isn’t the right without you at the moment, I miss to much…the goodnight kiss when we roll over peck each other softly on the lips and roll of into the land of nod…that cute little morning yawn of yours…that daft cutesy voice you make when I tickle you or you find something adorable…the caring nature you have especially when iv hurt myself(im a man and don’t care much for hurting myself but you always insisted in looking at it)…the fact you could talk about absolutely nothing for ages…the fact you could talk to anyone and still seem interested in what they say…I like the soufflĂ© u make even if you have only made it once for me…I like the way you are when your with my little nephews and poopoo looloo…I like it when u laugh so hard u very occasionally snort and so very often fall over…I like that cute thing you do with your hands when you think summert cute(u put ut hands near your chin n wave them lol)…I like the way you burp or fart and immediately go OOO!! As if to say it wasn’t you when it clearly was lol …I like the way your tiny feet curve inwards when you walk…I could go on for hours but I must press on in this letter. To the next paragraph!! Or page lol
Next paragraph!!! I miss you baby, I cant describe the feeling but il have a bash, its like my legs wont stand up without you they are all wobbly, and when I see you with laura it just hurts a lil inside, its like someone’s tearing a knife through my tummy, I don’t have anyone to snuggle in bed with so not only is this hurting me inside(I think it’s the heart region) its also hurting my muscle build up in my arms coz there’s nothing to squeeze or hold onto.
Well hell I think im done, as much as my brain can muster for this evening at least. I hope you can see sense beautiful and make the right decision,.

I know im not helping that fragile, still being fixed heart of yours but I really am well and truly, madly and deeply, stupidly and crazily, still In love with you
With all the brainpower and love I can muster,
P.S note how it got better at the end and note how I write better than sssttutter my useless words. x


Well after having a browse round the site, subscribing to a few blogs, i noticed a regualr theme... people post about cooking, stories, and some random things. I think i might make a subject and start posting about my daughter. All the new things she will be leanring and has learned. how it all began and stuff like that. so, my next blog today will be just that. all the things you need to know and i need to write to catch up to the present day.

Well This Is A First For Me....

Well this is a first for me....

Well, as the title says, this is the first time I have ever written a blog. Thought i should start typing my daily life down as one day i might well forget how things used to be.

So. Today is 17th of May 2011. This is my first blog entry so i shall say a little about myself first ( I say little, but it ould go on a while so you get the jist of me haha ).

My name is Sarah, I am 20 years old and I live in driffield east yorkshire in a flat with my other half (boyfriend) Chris who is 21, and our lovely 5 month old daughter, Imogen.

I moved to east yorkshire nearly 6 years ago i think it is now, with my mum, dad and brother. we moved from camerton in bath, somerset. We lived in and around somerset for 9 years, after moving there from London, which is where we are all from.

I was born in st.thomas's hospital on the 22nd of march 1991, and lived in brixton and clapham over the first 2/3 years of my life. After that, like i said before, we lived all around somerset, from keynsham to midsomer norton, to camerton (moving several times in each town) before moving up here to northener land.

I dont wish to go on about my childhood in this blog, some terrible things happened in the past, and thats where they will stay, but any friends that do read this blog that i am close to or have trusted enough to tell will know exactly what i going on about. I may at somepoint go into detail about things in the future that involve this "thing" from the past, but we shall come to that bridge when the toll booths arrive. :)

I think i was about 12 when we moved, i remember starting school in year 8 so i must have been about that age. School was never a strong point of mine, i spent year 7 at writhlington school then year 8 onwards at driffield school which somehow seemed to have triggered years to follow of bullying and many years of lonelyness. (many of which are in the future after this following year might i add) well, at least untill late year 9 when i started to fit in with a group of people and i found myself being looked up to and people coming to me for help of if they were in trouble. however these kids seemed to be either older or younger then me, i never did have many friends in my own year.

It was in this group in year 9 when i first fell in love, oh yes that big word. Love. I remember him as clear as day. Tall, a year older then myself, long messy curly hair, sometimes wore glasses, nice blue eyes, played guitar... yes. That would be Rob (Andrew being his real name, but he insisted on being called rob). Having already lost my "V" a long time ago, i was willing to take his from him, and so we were together for about a month or 3 before i realised that he had used me as a rebound to get back at his ex, and so he broke my little heart and i hated him, yet loved him so. We still talked, and yet moreheartache was yet to come in the future from this evil, yet sexy being lol.

It was after my relationship with rob, that people realised that the quiet little weirdo that was often on her own wasnt actually as innocent as she seemed, and more and more people took interest in me. Not all was good attention, after playing two lads by the names of dom and josh at their own game, i got beaten to the floor several times, one incident involving the police.

i started keeping myslef to myself again untill i met jonno, one of robs friends. Now, from previous experiance, i didnt let myself fall for young jonno at all, but by hell he fell for me. To be quite honest, i dont think i loved him, it was just nice being with someone, and to be completly fair, i dont remeber much about the relationship, i remeber the "intermate" times, one day imparticular we found ourself in a bit of a sticky situation where his mother walked in, i said something totally blonde, and that was the end of us, plus a fling in the meantime haha with a lad names JJ.

After that, i had several on and off relationships. There seems to be a sudden blank in me memory at this point... oh hang on..
There was matty, we spent a fair few months together, something in these months had a big influence on my future. Me, matty and his friend paul all went to a music gig in pocklington. I rather enjoyed myself, made a few new friends, a few of which were in a band called, Offsyde. I never did find out their names. We were just, hanging around. When the gig ended and we were all waiting for lifts out in the car park, these new mates of mine started messing about and i joined in as matty just sat there with paul mumbling about random crap as boys do...

One of these lads was really fit, rather liked him alot, long blonde hair, he had a hat one, big georgous blue eyes... I didnt know his name but i liked him. he started flirting at this point, matty started paying attention. It wasnt untill this lad picked me up put me round his waist and tried laying me down in a puddle that matty decided that enough was enough and he dragged me off him and we walked away. I never did see this boy again. I never did catch his name, or his number infact. I just new he was in a band, called offsyde.

Sooooo...after matty was a girl named Sophie.. yes i am bisexual..then there was olly, who only lasted 1 day... LMAO. He decided it wasnt a good thing when we were at a school gig and ditched me, but in the corner of my eye i noticed a certain someone, beggining with an R, rather lonely moshing in the corner.. :P

Which brings me onto the next big thing to happen to me which starts again with rob believe it or not. After a few meeting ups, up at the graveyard and at that gig ( you can guess that i am into my moshers/goths whatever you call em, i consider myself a bit of a skatergirl, or whatever, into all that scene and music, hense the graveyard as an ace place to hang out on a lunch and break time) we found ourselves back together. This however was short winded.

I was good friends with a girl names zoe at the time, her mum was the organiser of all the gigs that were held at school, and they were organising a gig at the driffield show ground on march 11th 2007. (just went through the emails to find the date, haha, this has got my emotions running :') ) anyway..   and nice to think back about it all..

I met my friends, had a few non alcholic drinks, well, energy drinks actually, listened to some fab bands, my fave at the time was edmund and kemper, (who are no longer together) simpley because ben was the "fit" person at school. I was really enjoying myself untill i passed out and found myself sat in the first aid corner. It was that split second i heard an announcement over the tanoid... "CAN THE BAND OFFSYDE PLEASE COME TO THE STAGE..."

well, suddenly i was all better and dashed over to the stage, and there they all were, stood there getting ready to play.. i looked a little too keen, so i headed to the back of the group of fans that had suddenly surrounded me and kept watching. They played a set of songs, 4 of which i sang along to and during Dirty little Secret  which they were doing a cover off, i kept catching the eye of one particular bass player.

I remember vividly.. singing the words.. "i'll keep you my dirty little secret.." when we caught eye contact again.. it was almost like we were singing it to one another, and here its comes again.. that big word.. LOVE. Literatly at first sight. I remember him coming off stage and then just.. dissapearing. i went looking for him all the time haha. I told zoe about it and she insisted i just went up to him and asked him for his number, but i didnt have the courage soooo... she dragged me across to him lol. she actually dragged me. His name was steve. i got his number. and his email address. I am going to copy and paste the first email i recevied the day after and so on and so on... its a big part of me, and be glad i am sharing it with you :) BTW there is some dirty content ish, i was young and bad minded lol. It starts with him, then me. you should be able to tell.

" hey...just got back from gig...was awesome! u shud b so gutted u missed it
lol...its the best gig ive done with offsyde. and were coming up with loads
of new shit for this friday....its gonna be mint!...hope ur oki...i was
kinda thinking about u thru most songs we played tonight dirty little secret
was minted ;)...ooh and all the small things...i dunno was...was kinda
thinking about the bit where there rolling around on the beach lol...i reli gf was there...but i reli didnt speak to her much...grr...i reli
dunno...u've got my head have to get up early
for college so im gonna have a cig then go to bed...miss u too loves xxx "
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 10:56:44 +0000
>btw..... that bit in all the small things wen there rolling around on the
>beach.... lol... tis good...n if i read the email correctli u wer thinkin
>ov me at the same time or summit... lol.... i orta warn u...i have a reli
>dirty mind...i like my sex lol... cnt go a week without it lol..... wat bou
>lvyaz n misyaz
******************************** pretty much the same...and yeh...that is what i was thinking
bout wen playing it. how are u wiv ur bf?...and no joke...ive actually been
wondering if uve emailed me all day. weird. nah im not reli too close to my
gf...tbh weve never had much of a relationship...but shes thought we
aint gonna last long...ive been thinking bout breaking up with her for a
while...there reli isnt any kind of relationship there. err...the gigs at
woldgate college in pock from 6 til 8. falling fifty stories and another
couple of bands are playin. tickets are £1.50 on the dorr...but if u see me
b4 i'll give u some free tickets cos i can :) email back soon gotta go back
to college xxxx
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:31:39 +0000
>heya hun! i got badly bullied last lesson. i h8 chavz wah wah wah
>love u
dont worry ill beat them up for u! lol...hope u having a good reli soo much work to do...and not a lot of time to do it. it
sucks...we have like a week and a bit left at college and i have to do all
my work by then...serves me right for doin fuck all last year tho lol...
loves and misses lots xxxx
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 09:26:14 +0000
>heya... ma bf reli aint talkin 2 me now... i cnt b bovad n i hope he wil
>get the message that i dnt wanna no nemor... it hrts...... ah wel ive got u
hey hun...just woken head is gonna be soo pissed off ive missed
lessons lol...well...yeh uve got me :) gonna talk to my gf today
and end it...thats gonna hurt too...well excited bout tonight u

  (Spent the evening together here after a gig was amazing <3 )

hey hun...hows ur day?...hope u not getting too much shit...well...i feel reli miss u...i dont know how im gonna make it thru this dropping out of college aswell till nxt year...i reli cant
be bothered with it...have got a couple of jobs lined hopefully i
shud be able to come and see u more often :)...ive been in college for all
of an hour today...and u txt me wen we were in an assembly lol...that was
fun..meh...and just waiting for my mum to come home so i can tell her im
dropping out...shes not gonna be happi lol...nyways...i love u...hope i see
u soon
************************ I was texting him here******************

hey hun am at kris' atm wont be home till like 10...will try call u then or
something...shoudl be on msn but not too sure...sorri am in a rush cos were
all off u i miss u u xxx


We were together for four months. we got engaged. It really was love, reading the emails amkes me happy to remeber just how happy i was, then i get to the emails where things changed. to cut it short, a guy called Johno turned up on the scene with a flashy car and he took me and a friend for a drive, and he made a move on me infront of my friend and she told steve, he made the move, yet he denied and i got the blame and that was it, the end of my lovely relationship.

I hung around in pocklington for a while afterwards with a friend of mine, bryan, who i am still good friends with to this day. I met a lovely lad called aarron and about 4 months after the me and steve incident, we got together. sadly, he wasnt all he seemd and he forced me into doing alot of drugs, and into other things, and because i was drugged up i dont really remeber much. i do however remeber one night where bryan turned up with steve. now that was a shocker. me and steve in the same room these days was rare. you could really feel the tension. bryan swears he could feel the electricity between me and steve where he was sat. we were directly opposite one another bry sat in the middle. i could look at steve and he would stare right back at me into my eyes. love was still there it was obvious. sadly, aarron took me away and i remeber calling for steve but i dont think anybody heard me. i was drugged and of i went again.
I went that night home with bryan. i know steve was in the car, and steve was staying at bryans.
Next day i got a text from steve, he had drove bryans car down to meet me. we spent an hour or two in a fprest together... a few days later steve told me he regretted it and it was a mistake. but it happened again. and we were back together in secret for a while. then came the worst task. telling aarron it was over. but as usual he just kept doing what he was doing and i found my self in a sticky situation. one night, he jumped out of bry's car while we were driving because he got that upset. i just cuddled up with steve that night. but a few nights later i was with aarron and steve turned up. steve didnt know i was drugged. i left that night and, i didnt see him untill last january, 2010. but i will go into that later.

So that was the end of all that. i lost so much weight and my health wasnt great but i got myself back together and i was back to being me. back in 6th form at school, being much better behaved lol. guess who came back on the scene though. Rob. haha.

Then that ended and i was with marley (luke) hanging around with him and james all the time as we were in a class of four people and it was us three and another lad who we didnt really talk to at all. then back with rob, then i left him for his best friend who i later got engaged to lol. then that ended too due to a pregnancy scare. then i got with paul (mattys friend from earlier) we broke up and then i got with chris. nearly three years later and here we are lol.

there was a hiccup or two lol, i we broke up and he went on a drunk rampage cos he missed me, i got with a girl named laura but was still sleeping with chris when i fell pregnant. I kept it and now here imogen lol. before this though. when me and chris first split before i got with laura, i went to pocklington to see and old friend called dave, and who turned up? steve. we all slept in same room that night, got quite drunk and jammed on guitar. was nice to talk to him :) but i missed chris so we got back together and kept imogen.

so 5months after giving birth, here we are, happy as ever. i have spent alot of today writing this inbetween feeds and changing bums and playing with her lol. so today hasnt been that exciting. been nice to remind myself how things used to be lol.

TTFN.... GooglyB

I had a fair few boyfriends, one sticking out in my memory most would be jack when we were in year 8. A relationship i never want to remember or think about any further. We hate eachother alot now. Just incase your wondering though, nothing ever happened. He was a cheat and a user and still is to this day, he has not changed one bit.