Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Through The Junk I Found Some Sunshine...

I found this while going through some old bits and bobs. Makes me smile on the inside when I read it.

Here is a letter from Christopher, when we split up for a little bit and I was seeing another girl...

To my lovely Sarah,

Righteo, here I go. As you know I am not that good at opening my heart but stuff it. I best try and have a go some time lol
Im sorry im confusing you even more by writing this but I really feel the need to, id be daft not to. Im sorry I broke up with you and can’t describe how much of a colossus tit I feel, I know I was a grumpy bum at the time but I should of really seen past all that misery and focused on the good things(or thing) which was you, if I wasn’t such a stubborn twat I would of seen that you were the best thing to cheer me up. Im sorry. I know I cant make it any better for you because im such a useless git that I cant lol
Anywho might as well start another paragraph of nonsense that going to make you even more confused J
I remember falling in love with you(believe it or not) it was that night we went to flamborough lighthouse for the first time, and I remember saying to myself god I like this girl, and then I remember clearing my head and think no actually I love this girl. I know this sounds gay, well it probs doesn’t but this is the first time iv really expressed myself like this. I know this was early on in our relationship but iv never really been one for showing my feelings sooooooo there you go.
My life isn’t the right without you at the moment, I miss to much…the goodnight kiss when we roll over peck each other softly on the lips and roll of into the land of nod…that cute little morning yawn of yours…that daft cutesy voice you make when I tickle you or you find something adorable…the caring nature you have especially when iv hurt myself(im a man and don’t care much for hurting myself but you always insisted in looking at it)…the fact you could talk about absolutely nothing for ages…the fact you could talk to anyone and still seem interested in what they say…I like the soufflĂ© u make even if you have only made it once for me…I like the way you are when your with my little nephews and poopoo looloo…I like it when u laugh so hard u very occasionally snort and so very often fall over…I like that cute thing you do with your hands when you think summert cute(u put ut hands near your chin n wave them lol)…I like the way you burp or fart and immediately go OOO!! As if to say it wasn’t you when it clearly was lol …I like the way your tiny feet curve inwards when you walk…I could go on for hours but I must press on in this letter. To the next paragraph!! Or page lol
Next paragraph!!! I miss you baby, I cant describe the feeling but il have a bash, its like my legs wont stand up without you they are all wobbly, and when I see you with laura it just hurts a lil inside, its like someone’s tearing a knife through my tummy, I don’t have anyone to snuggle in bed with so not only is this hurting me inside(I think it’s the heart region) its also hurting my muscle build up in my arms coz there’s nothing to squeeze or hold onto.
Well hell I think im done, as much as my brain can muster for this evening at least. I hope you can see sense beautiful and make the right decision,.

I know im not helping that fragile, still being fixed heart of yours but I really am well and truly, madly and deeply, stupidly and crazily, still In love with you
With all the brainpower and love I can muster,
P.S note how it got better at the end and note how I write better than sssttutter my useless words. x

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