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Infomation - Imogen

This is Infomation - Imogen...
Due- Christmas Day
Born: 27/12/2010
Pregnancy: 40wks + 2days
Labour: 15hrs 45mins,
Pain relief: Gas and Air, Pethdine, Epidural, (then morphine in c-section)
Birth weight: 7lb 3oz

Ive the whole story here... So...

Monday, spent the day round at Christophers grandparents, seeing all the family and exchanging christmas prezzies. Everyone kept on asking me whether I had any signs and I kept saying "no no, nothing and i doubt i will have bumpy anytime soon" but still they kept on asking.
At the end of the evening, we were discussing the fact christopher was going to the pub to get drunk with future godfather terry. Chris's brother in-law, Andrew Drewery said to me before they got ready to leave, "you watch, it will come tonight while chris is out in town" i then said "no and i highly doubt it, but if anything happens i we have our back up driver, Leanne, Chris's sister in-law" who might i add wasnt very well and was planning an early night, so i really didnt want to be dragging her out of bed when she was feeling so rough. Anyway, as the evening progressed, Terry arrived and we all sat and watched the Top Gear Special (which was FAB) and I had a little back ache, but put it down to sitting funny on the sofa. Top gear ended and off Chris and Terry went into the night.

I was on facebook for a little while, wishing that bumpy would make an appearance sometime soon, but little did i know what was just a few hours away.
Randomly, Steve Waites started talking to me via facbook chat, asking if bumpy had arrived yet and how i am, and Steve was telling me, that bumpy could well come tonight, and there was no reason why she shouldnt arrive, infact he said "We shall see" as if he knew something that i didnt. I Believe in 6th senses, but this time i thought he was really wrong. Turns out, he was right. Shortly after coming off of facebook, i laid on the sofa with the tin of roses, with a blanket, and watched a few episodes of sugar rush, before i felt myself falling asleep and i had back pain that was coming and going but it was nothing major. It was around 11.30pm when i got into bed and fell asleep.

1am. Woke up, coming and going pains in tummy, and some back pain that seemed alot lower then its ever been before. Thought nothing of it, got up to go to toilet and gush. There went my waters right there and then, along with my show.
Crying and paniking, Christopher still not home, i quickly ran to the phone and rang him.
It went something like this..
"Hello..?" boom boom boom boom boom of the beat of Hooters in the background...
"Erm Baby.. My waters have gone.. i think its time.." Boom booom boom
"Shit right im coming home now..Love you bye"
Chris then ran from the otherside of town all the way home. a journey that would usually take 20mins only took him 5. Before he arrived, i rang the hospital and told them, and they asked me to come right in, i had also rang Leanne, who was still feeling quite rough and woke her and Chris's brother up. Leanne arrived shortly after Chris did, and we started to get ready to go. I was timing my contractions on a timer i got on my Ipod, and they were very mild, lasting only 30seconds every 5/6 mins. So when we got it all together, we set off to scarborough.

When we got there at 3am (roads were seriosly bad on the way there), I was still having my contractions slowly getting closer together, and my first midwife of the evening was russian called Tanya. She stuck me on a moniter and asked me to describe my waters, then she got me a birthing ball and looked at my notes, and she told me there and then i couldnt have my waterbirth as even though they have no record of my group b strep infection, they are not taking the risk, so i was very upset about this. My contractions were not regular, they just kept coming and going whever they pleased and they were deffinatly getting stronger and i was only 2cm dialated. When we were told we wernt going to be going home that night to relax and help with the labour, Leanne left and went to go get some sleep. After she left, Tanya put in my Cannula IV drip, with one antibiotic and another drug to help bring on my labour and make my contractions regular and stronger, and when it started working, the pain had got quite bad so she stuck me on gas and air.

8am Midwife shift change and i got a chiniese lady called Ann and she was really nice. she examined me and i was 3/4cm dialated, and i was already in serious pain and the gas and air was really working anymore. they increased my drip and then labour really did start to get going. Ann examined me yet again and i was 7/8cm dialted but it felt asthough i needed to push, but i was in so so much pain, ann reccomended a epidural, i am so scared of needles thoguh and i refused it instantly, but she said would you consider pethadyne, and i said ok as its only a quick shot in the bum lol.
When they cam to give me the jab, and indian doctor came in and she helped me alot breathing through the contraction (she was so so good with me, holding my hand reasurring me all the time) and she rolled me over and kept me talking to distract me from the pethadyne going in.

Something then changed within the labour, i wasnt in as much pain as i was, but the pressure was really building down below, and it was more that then the contractions giving me the pain. At this point, Ann sais she really didnt like seeing me inso much pain and crying so much, and she got the matron to come in and look at me, she said, i ought to have an epidural, (and as i was in so much pain and screaming at them to get bumpy out) seeing me like that was upsetting chris and upsetting them. So with that, the matron appeared with the aneathnatist and i was really paniky, the matron had to be really really firm with me, and her and Chris ended up having to hold me still as i cried and cried out loud.
Finally though, it was in and the pain was waring off.

But something changed, pressure was really really building, and even though i was ready to push the Ann the midwife could tell that something was wrong. She quickly examined me, and i was fully dialted and ready to go, so i started to push with every contraction. The head was moving down nicely untill it got to the bend. Bumpy had moved.
Ann went to go get the consultant, and he came in and did a eltrasound. Bumpy had got stuck. Bumpys body was now laying diagonally (oblique) but its head had already started to move down.
At this point, I had no choice, bumpys heart rate was getting low and they had to get it out. So i signed the form and off i went down for an emergency c-section. Chris rushed down to see bumpy being born but he missed it because they had to do it that quickly.

Baby Imogen Sansome <3 Had to spend a little time in special baby unit at she wasnt breathing to well but as soon as i heard her crying i was in floods of tears and Chris was welling up too <3

Now she is the cutest little thing in the world & we love her so so much :')

Baby Imogen :)

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